Monday, 30 November 2009

Eastern Pacific Green/Tortuga Negra

Photo by Jaime Perez

Eastern Pacific Greens Chelonia agassizii have not been recorded as nesting in the country but Guatemala hosts an important feeding ground for adults at a mangrove lagoon called Pozo del Nance near Sipacate. The area now has recently been listed as a protected turtle sactuary. PROTORTUGAS, are a Guatemalan NGO who have been running a fantastic research and monitoring project at Pozo del Nance. Through an extensive tagging program the group have discovered that these turtles nest on the Baja peninsula in Mexico. This has been a really important finding and has helped us to learn a lot about this population of turtles and will aid protection measures. Occassionally these turtles strand on the coast.

For more information see the Protortugas website.

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