Monday, 30 November 2009

La Barrona

In the first two years of Project Parlama, several hatcheries were funded by the EVS program and provided with several full-time international volunteers. They assisted local communities with sea turtle conservation and carried out research in the hatcheries. La Barrona hatchery was considered to be one of the greatest successes of Project Parlama; egg donations to the hatchery increased, hatchery manager Bernado is now the local sea turtle expert and the local community responded extremely positvely to the presence of the international volunteers. In the new phase of Project Parlama, we hope to work with the La Barrona hatchery once again and create a model that can be relicated all over Guatemala to aid national sea turtle conservation.

Bernado Chilin: La Barrona's Hatchery Manager

La Barrona is a small coastal community situated a stones throw from the border of El Salvador, in the region of Moyuta, Jutiapa, Guatemala. Unlike many of the other coastal villages on the Guatemalan Pacific coast, La Barrona is very isolated with limited road road in, one road out. This gives the site a unique feel as there is a great sense of community spirit amoungst the villagers.
The area is characterised by a wide, flat, black sand beach that stretches for miles and is completely unspoilt. Backing on to the villages is a protected area of mangroves, full of amazing flora and fauna.

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